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FRNCY Bot#0088

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Prefix: / Library: discord.js

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A multiple use bot, it can play music, troll your friends and more!

/roll - Rolling you 2 cubes (2 to 12) /quest - I'll answer the question /say - I Will Say What You Write After This /joke - Funny joke (in english) /meme - Send random meme /alien - Ask if anyone is an alien /fakemsg - will send a fake message of the tagged person /rip - creates a RIP image for the tagged person /membercount - Shows the member count of current server (without bots) /memberstats - Shows members stats of the server /userinfo - Shows user info /ping - Shows Bot's MS /servers - Shows Which Servers I Am In /role-info @role - Show roles information /image - Show members profile picture /serverinfo - Shows server stats /botinfo - Shows bot info /react :emoji: @role - reaction messege for role /play - Play music After this you need to write the Number of the music in the list messege /skip - Skip a song /volume - Shows current volume You can change it /queue - Shows the music queue /stop - stop current music /pause - pause current music /resume - resume current music /np - shows what playing now STAFF COMMANDS /kick - Kick anyone /ban - Ban anyone /report - Report anyone