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RFPK 2#2445

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Prefix: r++ (customizable) Library: discord.js

Created By:

FD | FierceDragon#7408   


A Fun, Moderation based Bot!

Hello there, RFPK 2 is a great bot for a lot of things it might be popular like dyno some day you'll never know so be the first to get it in your server

Say r++help to see my helppage.

Fun Commands

r++say - You can make the bot say whatever you want

r++rps - Play rock paper scissors with me

r++8ball - Make decisions with the magic 8ball

r++love - Test how much you and the other person likes

r++catfact - Gives you a fact about cats

r++jokes - Its jokes

r++showerthought - You know it

Utility Commands

r++google - Surf the google

r++urban - Search the urban dictionary

r++trees - See how much trees are left for #TeamTrees

r++ping - Gets you the ping

Info Commands

r++botinfo - Gives you the bot information

r++serverinfo - Gives you the information about the server

r++invite - Gives you an invite link to invite the bot

r++uptime - Gives you the uptime of the bot

r++whois - Gives you the information about the mentioned user

r++changelogs - See whats changed in the last update for the bot

Moderation Commands

r++kick - Kicks a mentioned user

r++ban - Bans a mentioned user

r++purge - Purges amount of message(s)

r++lockdown - Set the current channel to lockdown for set amount of time

r++setPrefix - Set different prefix for the server

Image Commands

r++meme - Returns some lit memes

r++pewdiepie - Returns some 19yr olds memes

r++softwaregore - Returns a image from r/Softwaregore

cat - Some cute Cats

r++dog - Some Dogs

r++art - Some really good arts

r++avatar - Get someones or your profie picture