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ZONEX Fivem Bot#7573

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Fivem Bot
Fivem Bot

ZONEX Fivem Bot

<h2>What The Bot Is Doing?</h2>
<p>This Bot Is Updating Every Second The List Of Your Fivem Server</p>
<h3>How To Use The Bot?</h3>

<p>First Set IP Address With This Command <mark>.set ip:port</mark>(manage_messages permissions required Then Just Type <mark>.players</mark>(manage_messages permissions required) in any channel, And You Are All Set.<p>
<p>If The Discord Name Not Found Its Mean The People Who Playing In The Fivem Server Not In The Discord Server He Must Be In to show his discord Name in the players list.</p>

    <li>.help - help</li>
    <li>.set ip:port - Set Ip</li>
    <li>.players - Show The Players List</li>