My Hero#4845

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This bot is specially for fun memes economy. But we are working it to make it more attractive and workable bot.


Automeme and Autonsfw

Commands [currently available]

8ball, achievement, addrole, av, baka, bal, ban, byemom, cat, cb, clap, compliment, corona, crytext, cuddle, dab, deposit, dog, door, em, embed, emojis, en, eval, flipcoin, food, gamble, help, howgay, hug, info, invite, jail, joke, kick, kiss, leaderboard, lockdown, love, meme, mhpay, minesweeper, mute, note, nsfw, pat, penis, ping, poke, purge, qrcode, qrread, removerole, roast, roleinfo, rps, rr, say, serverinfo, serverinvite, setbotname, sexyrate, ship, shit, showerthoughts, slap, smug, spank, stats, tickle, trigger, uselessweb, vote, wanted, weather, welcomer, whois, withdraw, work, xkcd and many more commands are coming soon… ( You can join our support server and suggest some amazing commads.)